Choosing The Right Moving Truck Size

This is primarily a concern for people organizing a do-it-yourself long distance moving company . The purpose of a do-it-yourself move is to save costs,Guest Posting but this purpose becomes void if a small-sized moving truck is used that cannot accommodate all properties that need to be moved. It results in more costs and time-consuming trips.

To avoid this, there are specific tips to help any individual preparing for a do-it-yourself move choose the right-sized moving truck. Luckily for you, these tips will be highlighted in this article. Ensure to read to the end.

Choosing The Right Moving Truck Size

A successful, simple, and cost-effective do-it-yourself move comes with correct planning and preparation. This includes hiring the right-sized moving truck from a moving company. The tips are:

  1. Draft a list: There are two sets of lost that needs to be drafted when moving; the first is like a checklist that checks all the items that need to be packed and classifies them based on where there are kept, like kitchen items and more, and the second list can be helpful when choosing the size of the moving truck hire. This list contains all the large items like furniture that cannot be kept in a moving box.
  2. The moving company’s truck categories: An excellent moving company hires trucks to customers by the truck’s categories. These truck categories classify trucks based on estates of different criteria used when moving, thus simplifying the choice of moving truck for the customers. The moving truck’s categories are:
    1. Based on apartment-style: This is the simplest, easier, and most used option of the two moving truck categories. The moving company classifies trucks’ size based on the apartment style and size. Apartments with a bedroom are allocated small-sized moving trucks, while apartments with two or more bedrooms are allocated medium to large, depending on the apartment size. However, these are just estimates made by the company using the standard number of properties in a house.
    2. Based on square feet: This category is where the second list mentioned above is used. Moving companies make provision for a moving calculator that estimates truck size by the total number of items on the list. It uses the number of items to determine the cubic foot of space occupied, thereby giving the truck size. Most loving companies make this calculator available on request or on their website.
  3. After choosing the right truck size, hire and make other moving preparations.

Benefits Of Hiring The Right Size Of Moving Truck

  1. It is cost-efficient.
  2. It saves time and energy because there will be no need for multiple trips.


Using the tips provided in this article, any individual can arrange a do-it-yourself move without having to worry about choosing the wrong size of moving truck. However, the tips provided above give estimates and not the perfect size, so when choosing, always go for the next biggest option of moving truck.

At the threshold of relocating to a new home or workplace,Guest Posting there is a range of factors that you need to consider before moving. Unarguably, the process of moving to another place with all household belongings is a large-scale task. Involving packing, loading, moving, unloading, unpacking, and figuring out logistics factors is likely to be overwhelming and stressful for you.

To avoid stress and make the whole process smooth, faster, and hassle-free, hiring expert mover services in Plano is a matchless way that comes to simply your entire moving session. It would also be best if you consulted professionals in the industry to help you make better decisions.

Although at the forefront it may appear to increase your cost of moving, however, taking into consideration the multifaceted activities related to a moving job, bringing experts into the scenario not only lessen the possible risk of damages but equally relieve you from involving in the process.

Thankfully, with specialized knowledge in moving services, they undertake the whole host of responsibilities of your endeavor to complete it in a smoother, faster, and safer way. To find a dependable service provider, make sure to consider 5 factors as stated below

Choosing The Right Moving Truck Size

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