Intelligent technology in the children school bus

“Rural elementary school,Intelligent technology in the children school bus Articles we hope that the price is not high, chassis, off-road performance, the Pre school bus for rural roads,” Lan home town center in Changchun City Wide City Elementary School team captain Liya Zhou said, “If we buy school bus will be concerned about after-sales-related maintenance, repair and other services to facilitate. ”

On the 63rd Educational Equipment Exhibition recently held in Changchun City, Jilin Province, the school bus purchasers have the same idea and Liya Zhou a lot of their “favorite” school bus models basically can be met. The school bus well-known manufacturer SAIC, FAW Group, Yellow Bus, car manufacturers have introduced a new school bus, to the intelligent use of technology to protect the safety of school bus operation.

Show exhibitors on behalf of the procurement needs of the most discussed buy “long nose” car or flat-head car, which model is suitable for urban primary school and rural school was also asked about shipping costs, after-sales service. The reporter learned that the market soon, but so far, FAW and SAIC received school bus orders surpassed one hundred.

We released “InteCare row wing pass,” the first assembly on a school bus in the new MAXUS Chase V80, intelligent technical support not only for school bus safety management, and effectively improve school bus safety regulation, to reduce the operating costs of the school bus. ” SAIC Commercial Vehicles Limited regional general manager of Mi Ying said.

Jointly developed by SAIC and China Telecom InteCare line wing through a full network intelligence platform, integrated vehicle networking, Internet and intelligent traffic system. For example, in school bus safety and security of the vehicle terminal to save every time up and down the car dvd player and in car dvd player students’ position and number of personnel, drivers and related personnel information, timing automatically saved data to return the vehicle information service platform, the platform terminal automatically for each vehicle an analysis report.

In fact, with the application of intelligent technology in the school bus, school bus with Automatic Crash, a key rescue, remote diagnostics and other functions, allowing the vehicles, drivers, passengers, cargo, etc. in real-time dynamic monitoring and scheduling able to let the government administration, the vehicle operator of the subject, passengers and cargo, the parties active and passive management, real-time dynamic and able to use the resources of the global Internet service for commercial vehicle operations and operations management.

In addition to the Chinese auto makers in the positive change in attitude to ensure the safety of school buses under the premise to launch more models of school buses for the Chinese market, held here on the Second Forum on school bus safety and operating mode, the reporter also learned the topic of school bus safety protection mode of operation and supervision methods, has also become the focus of discussion by the participating experts and practitioners.

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Intelligent technology in the children school bus

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